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(Intelligent Risk Analysis Platform)

A cutting-edge, comprehensive data & analytics platform that empowers you to visualize, analyze and manage credit risk of firms globally in a fast, simple and intuitive way.

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Pre-investment Assessment & Post-investment Monitoring

Deep Insight into Credit Risk

Daily updated risk assessment of entities, sectors and watchlists 

Widescale risk visualization and analysis accessible anywhere

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Cover 69,000+ public firms of 130+ economies worldwide with 25+ years history dated back to the early 1990', of which 35,000+ are currently actively listed in 120+ stock exchanges of 88 economies across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Deep Credit Analytical Technologies

iRAP is powered by a proprietary credit risk analytical engine based upon the forward intensity model published by Duan et. al on Journal of Econometric in 2012.

"Intensity" stands for default intensity, i.e., the default probability of a unit time. "Forward" means the prediction of a firm's default intensity over a future period is based on its current risk profile. 

The forward intensity model leans from big data of firms' historical credit information to build a sophisticated mapping from a firm's current risk profile to its default dynamics. It then produces a forward-looking point-in-time default prediction for multi-periods over the prediction horizons, i.e., PD term structure, with high granularity and precision.


A Joint Product of CriAT and NUS-CRI

CriAT is a Singapore startup FinTech company specializing in Deep Credit Analytics. It is a spin-off from the Credit Research Initiative of the National University of Singapore. 


It provides new-generation credit risk analytics and delivers proprietary, superior solutions in credit risk management to meet various needs of clients in the financial industry. It empowers financial institutions to embrace a new data & analytics-driven future. 

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