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Credit plays a key role in finance. However, many financial institutions are still using outdated approaches from the 1990's, 1980's and earlier to manage credit risk. This is out of place as we witness breakthrough technologies rapidly changing the world. The time has come to ‘Move the Credit Frontier Forward’ and Criat now offers the credit management technology of the future.


Criat was founded in Singapore in March 2017. The name “CriAT” sketches the formative profile of the company. “Cri” stands for the Credit Research Initiative (CRI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) – where the start-up team was incubated - and “at” stands for Analytical Technologies in the field of credit risk – Criat's core specialization.

Deep Analytics Serves as True Barriers-to-Entry

in a Competitive World.

Prof DUAN Jin-ChuanCo-founder & Chairman

Go Deep in Credit Analysis

Criat believes that going deeper in credit analysis is the optimal way to empower risk and portfolio managers with the most valuable insights to support smart credit risk management.
Corporate credit risk analysis answers many critical questions ranging from individual name risk dynamics to portfolio risk-return optimization. The quality of the credit analysis is the critical factor in the credit decision making process. Therefore, the credit analysis must be rigorous, comprehensive, and forward-looking and driven by data. Criat now empowers financial institutions to embrace a new data-driven future.  The key to success is to leverage modern cutting-edge technologies to process and manage the age of ‘Big Data’.

Deep in Technologies, Deep in Applications

Achieving high-quality credit analysis through modern technologies is a big challenge for in-house specialists and for traditional risk consultants and solution vendors. For example, two distinctive features of Big Data for corporate credit risk analysis– time dynamics and high dimension – lead to serious technical challenges even for many experienced Big Data specialists. The challenges of transforming Big Data into Smart Data and finally to Actionable Insights have been the Criat team’s focus for many years. During this time, the team has successfully researched, developed and applied a unique blend of innovative AI and Big Data analytics with the established econometric/statistical methodologies in order to tackle the challenges facing corporate credit risk.

Many start-up companies armed with Big Data analytical knowledge have emerged recently in the credit sphere. However, most of them are limited in credit risk knowhow and only able to provide tools and models to simply separate good and bad credits. In contrast, Criat has many years of experience and unique knowledge in understanding and finding solutions to the deeper credit risk issues facing financial institutions. We integrate in-depth domain knowledge and superior analytical technologies into our proprietary credit solutions. These sophisticated solutions have already been successfully employed by prominent multilateral financial institutions, including the IMF, the World Bank and other global banks and insurance companies.  


Criat is dedicated and committed to working at the forefront of corporate credit analysis – Deep in Technologies, Deep in Applications.

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