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Our CEO Dr. Miao led the FinTech Masterclass

GFMI, a marcus evans company, organizes a conference "Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Quantitative Analytics" on 25th-27th February 2019 in Singapore.

Our CEO Dr. Miao Weimin is invited by the conference organizer to give a half day course to many financial practitioners , from banks to trusts. The topic is"Machine Learning Meets Econometrics in Corporate Default Prediction.". It includes

  • Review of methodologies and approaches in corporate default prediction - from classification to duration analysis

  • Integration of machine learning and econometrics: What values does it bring?

  • Model effectiveness: Some imperceptible but critical issues caused by common machine learning techniques

  • How to handle two main challenges facing corporate default prediction - credit dynamics and data scarcity

  • Beyond default prediction: A glance of new analytical techniques powered by machine learning in credit analysis

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