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iCASS 1.0

On 30 Mar 2021, our Chairman Prof Jin-Chuan Duan, also the executive director of the Asian Institute of Digital Finance, gave a keynote speech of "Sharing Credit Data While Respecting Privacy - A Digital Platform for Fairer Financing of MSMEs" at the Virtual Conference on Fintech and COVID-19 held by ADB Institute (

Prof Duan introduced how iCASS (intelligent Credit Analytics Sharing System) realizes calibration of large-scale parametric credit risk models over multiple privacy-protected distributed data sites. Leveraging cutting-edge analytical technologies, the new federated learning system is robust to network latency and tolerant of localized data site failures.

The co-development of iCASS 1.0 is led by the CRI team at the Asian Institute of Digital Finance and supported by CriAT, and the demo can be accessed via


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